The Great, Parliamentary, or Bannerets' Roll, c. 1312
The Parliamentary Roll (aka: The Great Roll or The Bannerets' Roll) is an English roll of arms dating to about 1312, consisting of 19 vellum leaves measuring 6" x 8.25", and including the names and blazons for 1,110 English nobles, knights and deceased lords of the day.

The roll is part of the British Museum's manuscript collection: MS. Cotton, Caligula A. XVIII, ff. 3-21b.

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"Sire Will'm le Botyler"
Sir William le Boteler

"Sire Rauf le Botyler"
Sir Ralph le Boteler

"Sire Will'm le Botyler de Wemme"
Sir William le Boteler,
of Wemme

"Sire Miles Pichard"
Sir Miles Pichard

"Sire Joh'n Pichard"
Sir John Pichard

"Sire Richard de Dockesseye"
Sir Richard de Dockseye

"Sire Huge de Kynardesle"
Sir Hugh de Kinardsley

"Sire Joh'n de Arderne"
Sir John de Arderne

"Sire Huge de Croft"
Sir Hugh de Croft

"Sire Walt' Hakelut"
Sir Walter Hackelute

"Sire Edmon Hakelut"
Sir Edmund Hackelute

"Sire Richard Hakelut"
Sir Richard Hackelute

"Sire Thomas de Lodelawe"
Sir Thomas de Ludlow

"Sire Richard de Harlee"
Sir Richard de Harley

"Sire Walt' de Kyngeshemede"
Sir Walter de Kingesmede

"Sire Joh'n de Chedewynde"
Sir John de Chetwynd

"Sire Will'm de Cauntelo"
Sir William de Cantelou


"Sire Rob't de Hastang"
Sir Robert de Hastang

"Sire Joh'n de Hastang"
Sir John de Hastang

"Sire Rob't de Hastang"
Sir Robert de Hastang

"Sire Richard de Hastang"
Sir Richard de Hastang

"Sire Felip de Hastang"
Sir Philip de Hastang

"Sire Rob't de Stepeltone"
Sir Robert de Stapleton

"Sire Will'm Wasteneys"
Sir Will'm Wasteneys

"Sire Edmon Wasteneys"
Sir Edmund Wasteneys

"Sire Rauf de Stanlawe"
Sir Ralph de Stanlowe

"Sire Henri de Appelby"
Sir Henry de Appleby

"Sire Will'm Weyer"
Sir William Wyther

"Sire Rob't de Farnh'm"
Sir Robert de Farnham

"Sire Tomas de la Pipe"
Sir Thomas de la Pipe

"Northomberlond e Cumberlond"
Northumberland and Cumberland

"Sire Richard de Kirkebride"
Sir Richard de Kirkbride

"Sire Odynel Heron"
Sir Odinell Heron

"Sire Rog' Heron"
Sir Roger Heron

"Sire Joh'n de Guldeford"
Sir John de Guildford

"Sire Edmon de Kendale"
Sir Edmund de Kendall

"Sire Thomas de Baylolf"
Sir Thomas de Balliol

"Sire Walt' de Borondone"
Sir Walter de Beronden

"Sire Gilberd de Borondone"
Sir Gilbert de Beronden

"Sire Will'm de Carlel"
Sir William de Carlyell

"Sire Felip de Lyndesheye"
Sir Philip de Limsey

"Sire Symon de Lyndesheye"
Sir Simon de Limsey

"Sire Richard filz Marmaduk"
Sir Richard Fitz Marmaduke

"Sire Rob't de Lomeleye"
Sir Robert de Lumley

"Sire Joh'n de Lamplou"
Sir John de Lamplewe

"Sire Huge de Pauntone"
Sir Hugh de Paunton

"Sire Adam de Suynebourne"
Sir Adam de Swinburne

"Sire Rob't de Suynebourne"
Sir Robert de Swinburne

"Sire Rob't Bert'm"
Sir Robert Bertram

"Sire Michel de Herteclawe"
Sir Michael de Harcla

"Sire Andreu de Herteclawe"
Sir Andrew de Harcla

"Sire Thomas de Ereby"
Sir Thomas de Irby

"Sire Walt' de Corry"
Sir Walter de Corry

"Sire Joh'n Chideok"
Sir John Chideoke

"Sire Joh'n Engleys"
Sir John Englishe

"Sire Joh'n de Penzret"
Sir John de Penzret

"Sire Tohm' de Bezom"
Sir Thomas Besonn

"Sire Matheu de Redeman"
Sir Matthew de Redman

"Sire Rog' Maudut"
Sir Roger Mauduit

"Westmerlond e le Counte de Lancastre"
Westmorland and the County of Lancaster

"Sire Rob't Hansard"
Sir Robert Hansard

"Sire Joh'n Haunsard"
Sir John Hansard

"Sire Will'm le filz Will'm"
Sir William Fitz William

"Sire Will'm Ridel"
Sir William Rydell

"Sire Thomas de Grey"
Sir Thomas de Grey

"Sire Davy' Dymot"
Sir David Dymot

"Sire Edmon Talebot"
Sir Edmund Talbot

"Sire Will'm de Acre"
Sir William de Acre

"Sire Edmon de Acre"
Sir Edmund de Acre

"Sire Rob't de Poleford"
Sir Robert de Pulsford

"Sire Adam Banastre"
Sir Adam Banaster

"Sire Adam de Waltone"
Sir Adam Banaster

"Sire Gilberd de Atone"
Sir Gilbert de Aton

"Sire Will'm Banastre"
Sir William Banaster

"Sire Will'm de Hollande"
Sir William de Hoyland

"Sire Tohm' Banastre"
Sir Thomas Banaster

"Sire Laurence de Cornewaylle"
Sir Lawrence de Cornwall

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