The Great, Parliamentary, or Bannerets' Roll, c. 1312
The Parliamentary Roll (aka: The Great Roll or The Bannerets' Roll) is an English roll of arms dating to about 1312, consisting of 19 vellum leaves measuring 6" x 8.25", and including the names and blazons for 1,110 English nobles, knights and deceased lords of the day.

The roll is part of the British Museum's manuscript collection: MS. Cotton, Caligula A. XVIII, ff. 3-21b.

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"Le Counte de Erewik"
The County of York

"Sire Huge Wake"
Sir Hugh Wake

"Sire Huge Wake le oncle"
Sir Hugh Wake, the uncle

"Sire Baudewyne Pycot"
Sir Baldwin Pigot

"Sire Adam de Hodlestone"
Sir Adam de Huddleston

"Sire Richard de Hodlestone"
Sir Richard de Huddleston

"Sire Richard de Hodlestone le Neveu"
Sir Richard de Huddleston,
the younger

"Sire Rob't de Colevile"
Sir Robert de Coleville

"Sire Gerard Salveyn"
Sir Gerard Salvayn

"Sire Joh'n le Latymer"
Sir John le Latimer

"Sire Thomas le Latymer"
Sir Thomas le Latimer

"Sire Nicolas le Latymer"
Sir Nicholas le Latimer

"Sire Thomas le Latymer"
Sir Thomas le Latimer

"Sire Will'm le Latymer"
Sir William le Latimer

"Sire Symon Warde"
Sir Simon Ward

"Sire Joh'n Samson"
Sir John Samson

"Sire Rob' Ouctred"
Sir Robert Ughtred

"Sire Walt' de Grandale"
Sir Walter de Grendale

"Sire Rob't de Maulee"
Sir Robert de Mauley

"Sire Joh'n de Maulee"
Sir John de Mauley

"Sire Edmon de Maulee"
Sir Edmund de Mauley

"Sire Richard de Leyborne"
Sir Richard de Leybourne

"Sire Nicholas de Leyborne"
Sir Nicholas de Leybourne

"Sire Thomas de Haselartone"
Sir Thomas de Heslarton

"Sire Joh'n de Nevile"
Sir John de Neville

"Sire Miles de Stapeltone"
Sir Miles de Stapelton

"Sire Joh'n Spring"
Sir John Spring

"Sire Will'm de Stoph'm"
Sir William de Stopham

"Sire Joh'n de Stoph'm"
Sir John de Stopham

"Sire Rog' de Crescy"
Sir Roger de Crescy

"Sire Will'm Deyncort"
Sir William Deincourt

"Sire Nicholas de Kingestone"
Sir Nicholas de Kingston

"Sire Walt' de Kingestone"
Sir Walter de Kingston

"Sire Rob't de Wadesle"
Sir Robert de Wadesley

"Sire Nich' de Wortele"
Sir Nicholas de Worteley

"Sire Thomas de Ros"
Sir Thomas de Ros

"Sire Will'm de Ros de Zoltone"
Sir William de Ros,
de Youlton

"Sire Joh'n de Horburi"
Sir John de Horbury

"Sire Huge Gobyun"
Sir Hugh Gobion

"Sire Huge de Sveingtone"
Sir Hugh de Swillington

"Sire Adam de Sveingtone"
Sir Adam de Swillington

"Sire Joh'n de Vepound"
Sir John de Vipont

"Sire Rob't le fitz Rauf"
Sir Robert Fitz Ralph

"Sire Will'm Hok"
Sir William Hookes


"Sire Rob't de Watervile"
Sir Robert de Waterville

"Sire Joh'n de Longevyle"
Sir John de Longueville

"Sire Gilberd de Lyndeseye"
Sir Gilbert de Lindsay

"Sire Waut' de Molesworye"
Sir Walter de Molesworth

"Sire Bernerd de Brus"
Sir Bernard de Brus

"Sire Rob't de Bayouse"
Sir Robert de Bayouse

"Sire Felip fitz Erneys"
Sir Philip Fitz Ernys

"Sire de Beumeys"
Sir ____ de Beaumays

"Sire de Den"
Sir ____ de Deane

"Sire Will'm Moyne"
Sir William Moyne

"Sire Joh'n de Swyneford"
Sir John de Swynford

"Sire Tohm' de Swyneford"
Sir Thomas de Swynford

"Norhauntone e Rotelaunde"
Northampton and Rutland

"Sire Rob't de Hanstede"
Sir Robert de Hausted

"Sire Rob't de Hanstede"
Sir Robert de Hausted

"Sire Joh'n de Hanstede"
Sir John de Hausted

"Sire Thomas de Verdoun"
Sir Thomas de Verdun

"Sire Thomas Mordat"
Sir Thomas Murdac

"Sire Rob't Botevileyn"
Sire Robert Botevilein

"Sire Joh'n de Pateshulle"
Sir John de Pattishall

"Sire Richard Basset"
Sir Richard Basset

"Sire Waryn del Yle"
Sir Warren de L'Isle

"Sire Gerard del Yle"
Sire Gerard de L'Isle

"Sire Rob't del Yle"
Sir Robert de L'Isle

"Sire Baudewyn del Yle"
Sir Baldwin de L'Isle

"Sire Walt' le fitz Rob't"
Sir Walter Fitz Robert

"Sire Geffrey de Braddene"
Sir Geoffrey de Braddon

"Sire Will'm Fannel"
Sir William Fannell

"Sire Henri de Pinkeneye"
Sir Henry de Pinkeney

"Sire Thomas de Boltesh'm"
Sir Thomas de Boltesham

"Sire Rob't de Wauncy"
Sir Robert de Wauncy

"Sire Rob't de Bray"
Sir Robert de Braye

"Sire Joh'n de Astone"
Sir John de Aston

"Sire de Kuqueho"
Sir ____ de Cuggeho

"Sire H'nri de Preyers"
Sir Henry de Preyers

"Sire Joh'n de Geytone"
Sir John de Gayton

"Sire Will'm Trossel"
Sir William Trussel

"Sire Geffrey Rossel"
Sir Geoffrey Russell

"Sire Thomas Thochet"
Sir Thomas Touchet

"Sire Rob't sun filz"
Sir Robert, the son

"Sire Thebaud de Nevile"
Sir Theobald de Neville

"Sire Joh'n de Nevile"
Sir John de Neville

"Sire Felip Geytone"
Sir Philip Gayton

"Sire Will'm de Bereford"
Sir William de Bereford

"Sire Thom's Wale"
Sir Thomas Wale

"Sire Joh'n de Bakepuce"
Sir John de Bagpuse

"Sire Henri de Deen"
Sir Henry Deene

"Sire Joh'n de Lacy"
Sir John de Lacy

"Sire Will'm de Boyvile"
Sir William de Boyville


"Sire Henri de Seg've"
Sir Henry de Segrave

"Sire Symon de Seg've"
Sir Simon de Segrave

"Sire Estevene de Seg've"
Sir Stephen de Segrave

"Sire Joh'n de Seg've"
Sir John de Segrave

"Sire Alisandre Artas"
Sir Alexander Areas

"Sire Rog' Brabazon"
Sir Roger Brabason

"Sire Rob't de Grandone"
Sir Robert de Grendon

"Sire Nich' Tryminol"
Sir Nicholas Triminell

"Sire Will'm de Hardueshul"
Sir William de Hardeshull

"Sire Peres Moloure"
Sir Pierce Malory

"Sire Felip de Barington"
Sir Philip de Barington

"Sire Rob't Peverel"
Sir Robert Peverel

"Sire Richard de Pererers"
Sir Richard de Pereres

"Sire Joh'n Hamelyn"
Sire John Hamelin

"Sire Rob't de Nevile"
Sir Robert de Neville

"Sire Felip de Nevile"
Sir Philip de Neville

"Sire Richard de Nevile"
Sir Richard de Neville

"Sire Will'm de Estauntone"
Sir William de Stanton

"Sire Rog' de seint Andreu"
Sir Roger de St. Andrew

"Sire Will'm Bordet"
Sir William Burdet

"Sire Rob't Bordet"
Sir Robert Burdet

"Sire Joh'n Daunvervile"
Sir John Daungerville

"Sire Joh'n de Tykebi"
Sir John de Digby

"Sire Huge de Hercy"
Sir Hugh de Hercy

"Sire Will'm la Souche"
Sir William la Zouche

"Sire Olyver la Souche"
Sir Oliver la Zouche

"Sire Amory la Souche"
Sir Amory la Zouche

"Sire Thomas la Souche"
Sir Thomas la Zouche

"Sire Rog' le Bred"
Sir Roger le Brett

"Sire Rog' de Flanvile"
Sir Roger de Flamville

"Sire Joh'n de Harecourt"
Sir John de Harcourt

"Sire Giles de Estlee"
Sir Giles de Astley

"Sire Richard Echebastone"
Sir Richard Edgebaston

"Sire Will'm Bernak"
Sir William Barnake

"Sire Henri de Ribbesford"
Sir Henry de Ribbesford

"Sire Will'm Marmyoun"
Sir William Marmion

"Sire Joh'n de Tuyforde"
Sir John de Twyford

"Sire Joh'n de Cauntone"
Sir John de Caunton

"Sire Joh'n de Dene"
Sir John de Deene

"Sire Joh'n de Clenisby"
Sir John de Clemsby

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