The Great, Parliamentary, or Bannerets' Roll, c. 1312
The Parliamentary Roll (aka: The Great Roll or The Bannerets' Roll) is an English roll of arms dating to about 1312, consisting of 19 vellum leaves measuring 6" x 8.25", and including the names and blazons for 1,110 English nobles, knights and deceased lords of the day.

The roll is part of the British Museum's manuscript collection: MS. Cotton, Caligula A. XVIII, ff. 3-21b.

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"Cornewaille e Devenyschyre"
Cornwall and Devonshire

"Sire Henri de Bot'ngham"
Sir Henry Bodrugan,
of Cornwall

"Sire Estevene de Haccombe"
Sir Stephen de Haccombe,
of Devon

"Sire Thomas le Ercedekne"
Sir Thomas le Archedeckne,
of Cornwall

"Sire Serle de Lanlayeroun"
Sir Serlo de Lansladron,
of Cornwall

"Sire Richard Hewys"
Sir Richard Hewys,
of Devon

"Sire Rauf Bloeu"
Sir Ralph Blount,
of Cornwall

"Sire Renaud de Boterels"
Sir Reynaud de Boterels,
of Cornwall

"Sire Wauter de Cornewaille"
Sir Walter de Cornwall

"Sire Reaud de Coykin"
Sir Renard de Cokyn

"Sire Rob't Beupel"
Sir Robert de Beaupel

"Sire Will'm le Preuz"
Sir William le Prowze,
of Cornwall

"Sire Symon de Ralee"
Sir Simon Ralee,
of Devon

"Sire Richard de Poltesmor"
Sir Richard de Poltimore,
of Devon

"Sire Geffrei de Hautevile"
Sir Geoffrey de Hauteville,
of Devon

"Dorsete e Somersete"
Dorset and Somerset

"Sire Thomas de Gorney"
Sir Thomas de Gurney,
of Somerset

"Sire Felip de Courteney"
Sir Philip de Courtenay,
of Somerset

"Sire Rob't de Brente"
Sir Robert de Brent,
of Somerset

"Sire Rauf de Torte"
Sir Raff de Torts,
of Dorset

"Sire Richard de Coupes"
Sir Richard de Croupe

"Sire Geffrey de Aubemarle"
Sir Geofrey de Aubemarle,
of Devon and Hants

"Sire Will'm de Montagu"
Sir William de Montacute

"Sire Esteven de Bridmanestone"
Sir Stephen de Bridmanston,
of Dorset

"Sire Omfrey de Beuchamp"
Sir Humphrey de Beauchamp

"Sire Joh'n de Waleys"
Sir John de Waleys,
of Somerset

"Sire Joh'n de Bittone"
Sir John de Bittone

"Sire Henri de Glastingburs"
Sir Henry de Glastonbury

"Sire Fouk filz Warin"
Sir Fulke Fitz Warine

"Sire Will'm le filz Warin"
Sir William Fitz Warine

"Sire Henri de Larcy"
Sir Henry de Lorty

"Sire Andreu de Grimstede"
Sir Andrew de Grimstede

"Sire Joh'n de Clifford"
Sir John de Clifford

"Sire Elys Cotel"
Sir Ellis Cotell

"Sire Joh'n de Babingtone"
Sir John Babington

"Sire Alisandre de Mountfort"
Sir Alexander de Montfor

"Sire Joh'n de Chauvent"
Sir John de Chauvnent

"Wilteschire e Hamteschire"
Wiltshire and Hampshire

"Sire Alisandre Cheveroyl"
Sir Alexander Cheverell

"Sire Adam de la Forde"
Sir Adam de la Ford

"Sire Joh'n de Meriet"
Sir John de Marriott

"Sire Joh'n de Meriet le Neveu"
Sir John de Marriott,
the younger

"Sire Edmon Gasceline"
Sir Edmund Gacelin

"Sire Walt' Gasceline"
Sir Walter Gacelin

"Sire Joh'n Gasceline"
Sir John Gacelin

"Sire Thomas de Chaucombe"
Sir Thomas de Chaucomb

"Sire Joh'n Husee"
Sir John Hussey

"Sire Ingram Berenger"
Sir Ingram Berenger

"Sire Joh'n Maudut"
Sir John Mauduit

"Sire Joh'n de Haveringe"
Sir John de Havering

"Sire Joh'n de Maundevile"
Sir John de Mandeville

"Sire Renaud de Sein Martin"
Sir Reynold de St. Martin

"Sire Joh'n de Westone"
Sir John de Weston

"Sire Joh'n sun filz"
Sir John de Weston,
the son

"Sire Rog'r de Sein Joh'n"
Sir Roger de St. John

"Sire Eymis de Sein Joh'n"
Sir Amos de St. John

"Sire Joh'n de Sein Joh'n de Lagueham"
Sir John de St. John,
of Lageham

"Sire Joh'n de Scures"
Sir John de Scures

"Sire Thomas Paynel"
Sir John Paynell

"Sire Will'm Paynel"
Sir William Paynell

"Sire Joh'n Pluet"
Sir John Pluet

"Sire Edmoun Bacoun"
Sir Edmund Bacon

"Sire Adam Gordan"
Sir Adam Gordan

"Sire Richard de Borhonte"
Sir Richard de Boarhunt

"Sire Joh'n Randolf"
Sir John Randolf

"Sire Richard de Astone"
Sir Richard de Eston

"Sire James de Nortone"
Sir James de Norton

"Sire Joh'n del Yle"
Sir John de L'Isle

"Sire Rauf le Marechal"
Sir Ralph le Marshal

"Sire Will'm de Cosingtone"
Sir William de Consington

"Sire Rob't de la Mare"
Sir Robert de la Marr

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